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Jimmy takes a turn – released 17th September 2016.

Jimmy takes a turn was officially released today. This is the forth trck release from Higgs Boson and the Strange Charms debut album Quantum Connections. This track is more funky upbeat track about a momentary shooting star called Jimmy…..he cried for the people…..he cried from the heart….he cried for a world that was falling apart……..

Crossing the Rubicon released today 1st August 2014

Yes, “Crossing the Rubicon” is the 3rd track to be released from the forthcoming debut album from Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm Quantum Connections. A slower blues intro that guides us to a touching memory of a lost friend. All the questions unanswered and the unfulfilled promise of a life cut short. Chris handles…

New release 1st August – Crossing the Rubicon

On the 1st August a 3rd track will be released from Higgs Boson and the Strange Charms debut album “Quantum Connections”. This track, “Crossing he Rubicon” will be accompanied by a new video. This is the artwork for the front cover. The video for this track has already been shot and is in the last stages of post…

Everytime released today.

Everytime was released today Watch the video – on YouTube