Some of the people I have played with…..

Musicians – well most of the ones I can remember……..

………there were some pretty big nights at different times……
Aaron Hopper
Adrian Bingham
Adrian Hofman
AJ Proudford
Alan Robson
Alec Lamberton
Alex Lakjeve
Ally Keogh
Andrew Presland
Andrew Robinson
Arthur Sonter
Arthur Turner
Ballin Robinson
Ben Ross
Bill Brown
Bill Coleman
Brendon White
Brett Stevens
Bruce Cameron
Cecilia Rochelle
Charles Wroth
Chloe Roweth
Chris Robinson
Christine Porter
Col Benvenuto
Dale Bland
Dale Tukey
Dane McCusker
Darcy Rosser
Dave Browne
Dave Fitzgerald
Dave Tonkin
David Free
David Hinse
David McLeod
Dennis Hanrahan
Doug Rowe
Ebbo Brown
Garth Waters
Geof Jackson
Geof Robinson
Graeme Malloy
Grey Taylor
Gus Dennis
Holly Manning
James Winn
Jason Roweth
John Bland
John Hinse
John Jackson
John McCusker
John Merkell
John Taylor
Joyce Merkell
Julia ??
Keith Manning
Ken Dorsman
Kim Bull
Kyle Manning
Mark Adams
Mark Cambell
Mark Evans
Mark Frilingos
Mark Regan
Mark Taylor
Mataya Young
Matt Williamson
Matty Lane
Melody Bland
Micheal Roboinson
Micky Young
Mike Martin
Mike Robinson
Paul Douglass
Paul Macellray
Peter Denmead
Quinton Bland
Ray Mjadwesch
Rel Turner
Rob Shannon
Rob Sullivan
Rocky Rochelle
Roden Heath
Roger Bremner
Roger Hargraves
Roy Turner
Sam McCusker
Simon Cambell
Simon Morris
Simon Pepper
Steve McLeod
Steve Minshull
Steve Robinson
Terry Heath
Tim Hofman
Tony Denmead
Tony Proudford
Tony Robinson
Tony Van Gemert
Victoria Roth
Viki Bonham
Will Wroth

I apologize for any omissions…….but some nights are harder to remember than others……