Everytime - single from the "Quantum Connections" album by Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm



Everytime is the second release from the Quantum Connections album.
Watch the video for Everytime.

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Watch the video for Everytime.

“Everytime” – is the second single from the eagerly awaited album “Quantum Connections”.


We all dream of going somewhere, sometime. This song concerns a guy who actually does it ! Major walking-in-your-sleep kind of stuff. Chris McCusker (he of HB and the SC) once again creates a melody of unexpected chord changes and delightful side swerves. Also his characteristic fluid basslines and warm percussive synth sounds give the track some edge yet familiarity. A stand-out feature is the strong harmonies. Some spoken inserts hint at influences including mid-career Beatles and other intelligent players. I hope and assume there will be a video to accompany this sci-fi romp – the possibilities are intoxicating. No sleeper, this one.