Jimmy takes a turn – released 17th September,2016.

Jimmy takes a turn cover artwork

Jimmy takes a turn is the fourth track release from Quantum Connections, Higgs Boson and the Strange Charms debut album,

This track has a high energy funky hook right from the first beat. Jimmy was a shooting star that momentarily burned so bright. He cried for the people….he cried from the heart…..he cried for a world that was falling apart…….


Watch the video for Jimmy takes a turn. 

Feel: funking rock

Instrumentation: Vocals, harmonies, guitar, bass, Keyboards, percussion. sound effects.


New Album – released 13th August, 2016.



Quantum connections

Yes, “Quantum connections”, Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm’s début album, has just been released. It is a concept album based on the universal connections of Nature at the quantum level and the first tracks to be released from it were “Special thing” and “Everytime”.


Previous releases.



Crossing the Rubicon – released 1st August, 2016.


Yes, “Crossing the Rubicon” is the 3rd track to be released from the forthcoming debut album from Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm Quantum Connections.

A slower blues intro that guides us to a touching memory of a lost friend. All the questions unanswered and the unfulfilled promise of a life cut short. Chris handles the topic well and with maturity. Fragile, honest, sad.

There has been some controversy with the video amongst the production team, but now it has been released, you will have to be the judge….

Watch the video for Crossing the Rubicon

Feel: dark, sparse.

Instrumentation: Vocals, keyboards, percussion, bass, drums, harmonies.


“Everytime” – released 1st June, 2016.

“Everytime” – is the second single from the eagerly awaited album “Quantum Connections”.


We all dream of going somewhere, sometime. This song concerns a guy who actually does it ! Major walking-in-your-sleep kind of stuff. Chris McCusker (he of HB and the SC) once again creates a melody of unexpected chord changes and delightful side swerves. Also his characteristic fluid basslines and warm percussive synth sounds give the track some edge yet familiarity. A stand-out feature is the strong harmonies. Some spoken inserts hint at influences including mid-career Beatles and other intelligent players. I hope and assume there will be a video to accompany this sci-fi romp – the possibilities are intoxicating. No sleeper, this one.

Watch the video for Everytime

Feel: acoustic acid folk.


Instrumentation: vocals, harmonies, drums, bass, percussion, guitars, piano, synthesizers, triangle, marimba.



Special Thing released on the 1st, April 2016.Special thing

Yes, the first single from Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm, for quite some time, is finally being released. “Special thing” is the first track from their début album “Quantum connections” out later this year.

The idea behind the song –

“Special Thing” is a gentle song about symbiotic relationships and how they’ve been almost lost from the human race. These relationships are a very, very, special thing, different species working together for survival in astonishing ways. It also hints of a warning, that unsustainable consumption and greed are threatening the very nature that created it all in the first place.

Watch the video for Special Thing.

Feel: slow 6 /8 moody


Instrumentation: Vocals, synthesizer, bass, piano, drums, percussion, harmonies. bells, spoken voice sample,




addicted2science was the only surviving track from the “Microcosm” album. (a case of virtual destruction by computer). Although that was a sad day this little gem survived from the summer sessions of 2012. It was the first and only surviving mix but did manage to capture some of the energy and fun.

addicted2science - the first single released by Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm

addicted2science – the first single released by Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm

It starts off medium tempo, but fairly low key, with some electronic saxophone (courtesy of Micky Young). With its driving toms and guitars, it’s a quirky little song  about obsession and addiction with the modern sciences.

Watch the “addicted2science” video.

Feel: frantic….
Instrumentation: vocals, electric guitar, organ, drums, electronic saxophone, electric bass, piano, harmonies, percussion.