New release 1st August – Crossing the Rubicon

On the 1st August a 3rd track will be released from Higgs Boson and the Strange Charms debut album “Quantum Connections”. This track, “Crossing he Rubicon” will be accompanied by a new video. This is the artwork for the front cover. The video for this track has already been shot and is in the last stages of post…

Shooting new video today for “Crossing the Rubicon”.

Started shooting a new video today for “Crossing the Rubicon”. It’s very unusual but looking good. We started drafting a few days ago, and from that came the current idea. I’m very excited and looking forward to posting the final edit.

Abbey Road

Yeah, that would be right, the day I went to Abbey Road the pedestrian crossing was broken down.

Everytime released today.

Everytime was released today Watch the video – on YouTube

New release for Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm next week.

Chris McCusker (he of HB and the SC) once again creates a melody of unexpected chord changes and delightful side swerves. Also his characteristic fluid basslines and warm percussive synth sounds give the track some edge yet familiarity. A stand-out feature is the strong harmonies. Some spoken inserts hint at influences including mid-career Beatles and other intelligent players.

“Special Thing” released today.

The new Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm track “Special Thing” has been released today. Song writer for Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm, Chris McCusker, was pleased to see the release finally come to fruition after all the months of hard work put in over the last two years. Making this album was a huge…

The Video “Special Thing” was uploaded to YouTube today.

Yes, the new video for “Special Thing” was uploaded today. The release date is Friday 1st April, 2016. This the first track release from “Quantum Connections” Higg Boson and the Strange Charm’s début album. Enjoy.

Release date set for 1st April, 2016.

Yes, the 1st of April 2016 is the release date for “Special thing”. This is the first track from the, soon to be released album, Quantum connections. The video should be up on youtube shortly. Thank you for your patience, Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm    

Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm will be releasing a new single.

Yes, Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm is alive and well. The new single “Special Thing” will be released early in 2016… Updates will be posted here and on the blog-feed.