Chris McCusker – journeyman musician and producer. There would be few, if any, Central West musos who have not worked with, or at least know of, Chris.

Beginning in his early teens as a bass player, Chris has been a driving creative force behind many legendary NSW bands including Cade (with his brother John), The Extremes, Altered Motion, Glory Box and The Upswing. Several of these outfits also recorded material and Chris broadened his skills to include sound engineering and record production with such projects.

He also plays keyboards and is a master of all manner of programming. His professional recording studio, “The Cave” at Raglan NSW has helped many artists find that ‘perfect sound’. If this wasn’t enough, Chris also has broadened his interests and skills in video production to compliment his solo work.

More recently Chris has branched into playing jazz (using upright bass) and the atmospherics created by this quartet (The Blue Note) at local venues is making quite a stir.


Science, humour, music, nature, particle physics, writing, astronomy, arranging, video post-production, acoustics, audio post-production, live performance, engineering, electronics, innovation and silence.


I have absolutely no time for people who waste their time looking for ways to segregate and divide the peoples of the human race for what ever reasons.