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...in time to come, this world will be a better place....

We are living in very exciting times.

Welcome to the home of Higgs Boson and the Strange Charm.

Orien Nebulae

As you can probably tell, apart from the music, this band is very interested in the modern sciences.... Astrophysics, cosmology, subatomics, genetics, quantum entanglement ect....

When asked, the band said "We are all very excited at the developments going on in places like CERN", the home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

It's not only the development and implimentation of new technologies that excites the band it is also the whole international community environment. People from countries all around the world working together and resolving problems together. We are living in very exciting times.

LHC Event

Music today is recorded and processed using lightning fast binary machines

The leaps forward in the understanding of mathematics and the physics has changed the way many things are done now in this world. Including the processes in the recording and production of modern music. These machines are very powerful editors. It is now possible to manipulate pitch, time and formant all in real time with these devices.

Performance is still an art as always but the ability to distort or de-construct is also very interesting.

Ghosts in the Artifacts

When a noise is deleted from a sound-scape there are always these ghostly artifacts left behind and sometimes these artifacts are very very interesting.... Although these tools were never created for these purposes, it doesn't mean it's not a valid way for them to be used.

New frontiers in Science , Mathematics, Physics and Music

It's been some time since Albert published his Special Relativity papers. Many things have changed but the implications of this and many other developments still haven't run their course. The ramifications will echo for thousands of years.

Some of these waves moving the mass conscious have become whole new industries. New frontiers, with new language developed to describe its very parts. Art and music are now coloured by the new lights from science.

Does the acceleration of the expanding universe change the measurement of time?

The accelerating expansion of the universe must be slowing down the universal rhythms as even light takes longer time to travel as the distances measured increase. If this is not happening then time must be being distorted or stretched.

Space time quantum

Everything in this universe vibrates. There is music in every atom. The universe is singing and every subatomic particle is harmonizing. Does the Doppler effect of the expansion detune the pitch and synchronization of the cosmic parts? We should know some time in the near future if the future isn't stretched beyond recognition.....

Reversing Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

The whole concept and direction of the Strange Charms' new album is based on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. If experiments are coloured by the seemingly unavoidable tendency of humans to influence the situation and velocity of small particles and waves, then so be it. Let the influence begin.

No particle accelerators were used in the making this album. The Strange Charm decided to reverse Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and let the experimenters influence the energy of the waves produced by the energy of their performance and actually record the results and document the effects for future generations to perceive.

All mixes on this album are being done using the uncertainty principle and should have a little Copenhagen Interpretation added when measuring or assessing the resulting waves.

Best of luck, Higgs Boson and Strange Charm.

Who is Higgs Boson?

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